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FL Plast was founded in 1973 by Finn and Aase Larsen, who helped to establish Schela Plast A/S a few years earlier, which is a allied partners and costumer.  
In 2005, FL Plast experienced a change in leadership when Britt and John took over the company after Finn and Aases departure. Later, there has been a rapid development in and around FL plast. The company has, among ohter things expanded the production facility.
Management's vision is to maintain the steady growth they have achieved so far. This applies to sales basis, as well as further expansion of production facilities and the possibility to create more jobs.
The mission of FL Plast is to offer quality packaging in platic materials, the quality must be understood as more than the quality of the product itself. But also the high delivery rate, we have obtained over many years of specialization working with caps and closure.

And of couse we offer all this to attractive prices that makes us some of the most competitive producers in the industry. If you have further interest in FL Plast, who we are and what we offer, you are more than welcome to contact us.

FL Plast - Stenderupvej 32, Agtrup - 6091 Bjert - Tel.: (+45) 7557 7100 - Fax: (+45) 7557 2970 - Mail: info@fl-plast.dk